Brewing Guide

The taste of your simple cuppa is influenced by multiple factors such as the quality of the tea used, the leaf to water ratio, the water’s type and temperature, and the brewing vessel style. Our team of tea experts carefully taste each tea selected for our shop and then brew the tea multiple times to discover the most appropriate brewing recipe. As a result, our tea has specific instructions for you to recreate the perfect cup of tea at home. Our instructions are on the back of the tea tin, or you can find them at our online shop in the tea description.

We brew tea in the eastern style at Yugen Tea Bar, using a small brewing vessel that keeps the tea to water ratio higher. This brewing style uses a small amount of water to a large amount of tea leaves with a short brewing time (between 30 to 60 seconds), allowing you to brew your tea between 4 to 7 infusions. We use Gaiwan or Kyushu teapots that hold 90 to 150ml, resulting in a more flavourful tea experience with each brew.

For certain teas, if our guests prefer a larger pot, we also brew in the western style, which requires a much bigger teapot, often between 350 to 550ml, or more. This style uses more water to slightly fewer leaves and needs a longer brewing time of between 3 to 6 minutes. Although the result is generally one single brew of tea, a second brew can be achieved in rare cases.

Some leaves are more suited to one type of brewing technique than the other to deliver better flavour extraction from the leaves. We will highlight this for you with all of our teas and share the most appropriate recipe.